who is artnerdluxe?


Welcome to Wiseacres Studio, ArtnerDluxe's corner of the web. Her alter-ego, Kerri Elliott comes from a graphic design and art direction background in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada eh.

After one-too-many soul-crushing late night deadlines trying to find that perfect image to free her from her cold and darkened cube - epiphany! Why not make her own? So she dusted off the sketchbook and began drawing again for... fun. Fast forward and now you can find her illustrations gracing a wide variety of products and publications worldwide.

ArtnerDluxe is inspired by many different things, but eclectic decor, folk art, beach life, vintage ephemera, and Mama Nature are some of her favourite Muses. New twists on traditional seasonal themes are a favourite area of interest.

Thanks for stopping by, please check back often for new work.

“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”

~ Pietro Aretino