May 2016 Update
You can now find and customize ArtnerDluxe's artwork on Canva, a pretty impressive cloud-based design app that lets everyone, regardless of skill level, create polished, professional graphic design in minutes. (It's amazeballs). Give it a whirl!

DEC 2015 Update

Big-box retailer Michael's features a Bird and Banner from ArtnerDluxe's Vintage Birds, Bees & Banners Set on their Ashland™ brand "Odds & Ends" decorative storage box.

NOV 2015 Update
For the second year in a row(!), big-box retailer Winners | Marshall's | Homesense features Snowflakes, Acorns and Pine Boughs from ArtnerDluxe's Vintage Chalk Christmas Sets 1 and 2 on their chalk-themed Winter 2015 gift cards and sleeves.

MAY 2015 Update
Dunwoody Duluth, designer and maker of high-quality, curated home goods incorporates a Vintage Bee from ArtnerDluxe's "Birds, Bees & Banners" set into their branding and super coolio line of art candles.

March 2015 Update

The Well Bag natural cosmetics company features Bees, Banners, Roses, and other elements from "Vintage Birds Bees & Banners", and "Vintage Spring" sets on their line of eco-friendly cosmetics labels.

DEC. 2014 Update

Canadian big box retailer Homesense | Winners | Marshall's prominently feature illustrations from ArtnerDluxe's Vintage Chalkboard Hand Drawn Holiday Sets 1 and 2 on 2 of their official nationwide Winter 2014 Gift Cards and card sleeves. Christmas came early this year woo-hoo!

oct. 2014 Update

Spied these seasonal products at big box retailer Homesense. Check out these C.R. Gibson "Jaunty Hauntings" Halloween Paper Napkins, and Teresa Collins' "Masquerade Party" Clear Stamps. They feature Spooky Cat from ArtnerDluxe's Vintage Halloween Set 3 and other elements. Happy Halloween indeed!

Sept. 2014 Update
Paper goods publisher Echo Park Paper Co. prominently features multiple elements from ArtnerDluxe's Vintage Halloween Vector Sets 1, 2, and 3 in their Halloween 2014 Arsenic and Lace line of paper goods.
July 2014 Update
Kerri (ArtnerDluxe's alter ego) has partnered with an international Art Publisher to produce brand-new exclusive illustration for the global surface decor market. To inquire about this unique artwork available specifically for rights managed licensing, please click here.
Jan. 2014 Update
A Bird and Bee from the "Vintage Birds, Bees & Banners" vector set feature prominently on luxury shoe designer Del Toro's Spring 2014 "The Birds and the Bees" loafers. even showcases them in their Spring 2014 Trend Report!
Oct. 2013
Forever Fiancés features a Bee from the "Vintage Birds, Bees & Banners" set prominently on their"French Bee" Line of personalized Wedding Favours, and 2 Sparrows from the "Vintage Spring Elements" set on their personalized "Passionate Birds" Table/Place Card.
Sept. 2013
Party 411 combines elements from "Vintage Halloween" sets #2 and #3 to create their own line of personalized Vintage Halloween Party Favours. All hand-drawn elements in this line are my artwork.
Aug. 2013
Teresa Collins Designs include elements from "Vintage Halloween" sets #2 and #3 in their "Masquerade Party" line of scrapbook supplies Specifically: Hissing Cat, Jack-O-Lantern, R.I.P. Tombstone, Corner Spiderweb, and Skull and Crossbones Candle Bottle. These are incorporated into their sticker sheets, chipboard accents, and clear stamps products. Their "Masquerade Party" line was one of four new lines introduced at the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) Summer 2013 trade show, and all four were voted a "Top Pick" by Scrapbook Update.